How Often You Should Launder Your Clothing

As a general rule of thumb (except something is obviously dirty, you need to wash it of course!). Simply don't constantly wash garments that don't really need it.

Suits for example often only require little more than airing and a quick steam, rather than a trip to the dry cleaner - which actually causes wear & tear over time. 

Here's our quick guide to how many times you can wear your wardrobe before you hit the laundry. 

  • T-SHIRTS           - 1-2 wears
  • SHIRTS              - 1-2 wears
  • UNDERWEAR   - 1 wear (please) 
  • SOCKS              - 1 wear
  • SWEATERS       - 10-15 wears
  • JEANS               - 10-15 wears
  • SUITS                - Pretty much unlimited, providing you steam and air them regularly 
  • COATS              - Unlimited, unless visibly dirty