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05 Sep 2020

5 Golden Rules To Find The Perfect Suit

5 Golden Rules To Find The Perfect Suit

Achieving a truly flawless look is all about the details. We know how easy it is to get it wrong so we at League of Rebels wanted to suggest a few key rules you should always keep in mind when looking for the perfect suit, whatever the occasion. Whether it’s a black-tie event, a laidback lunch or a special date, your suit should meet a few requirements for you to look and feel your best at all times. Great style takes a lot of fine-tuning, especially when it comes to menswear, and the right details speak volumes about your personality and taste.

Here are our 5 golden rules to finding your perfect suit.

1. The right occasion

There is so much more to tailoring than tuxedos and wedding suits. The key to picking out a suit is to make sure it is right for the occasion. If you are invited to an evening gala or an important work dinner with a major client, you should consider a classically elegant style. For a more laidback occasion or a romantic date, you may take a less formal approach and feel free to leave your two-piece suit at home in favor of mismatched separates.

2. The right size

Obvious as it may sound, many men still get this part wrong. For a suit to look flawless, the fit needs to be just right and match your body type. The jacket should button up easily without being too loose; it should outline the waist while the sleeves should never be so long as to cover the knuckles.

3. Comfort first

Whether it’s a formal suit or a more casual proposition, comfort is key. No suit can be considered perfect unless you feel truly at ease in it. The right suit should allow you to move freely and not feel restrictive in any way; the right fabric should accompany you throughout the day in a harmonious and seamless way. Our favorite Australian Merino wool range offers the perfect fabrics from which to cut jackets, pants and suits that follow your body’s every movement. The secret behind League of Rebels high performance suits? The unique combination of League of Rebels choice of Australian Merino wool alongside a sustainable elastomer fiber chosen for its reduced carbon footprint; the result is a dynamic fabric that seamlessly moves with your body while promoting respect for the environment.

4. The all-important shirt

The shirt is a key component of any man’s wardrobe and as such should never be taken for granted. Evening looks call for the timeless elegance of a classic white shirt. Button-down shirts should never actually be buttoned down at the collar, nor should they be worn with a tie. Last but certainly not least, the shirt should be carefully ironed without a crease in sight to avoid looking sloppy. 

5. The finishing touches

A great look requires great attention to detail. How can you ensure your look is truly flawless? Your belt for one should match your shoes and ideally be crafted from the same leather. If you opt for a tie, the tip should never extend past your belt line.

The same level of attention should go into how you button up your jacket. If you go for a single-breasted style, the number of buttons will show you the way to go: a single button should always be done up until you sit down; if it’s a two-button style, only the top one should be done up; if it comes with three or four buttons, the rule is to do up the central buttons, and possibly the top one as well. If yours is a double-breasted jacket, you should do up the central button and leave the bottom one undone; whatever the context, a double-breasted jacket should never be worn unbuttoned.

These are a few simple rules to follow if you never want to be caught looking anything less than impeccable, whatever the occasion.


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