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Made ~ to ~ Measure

Custom Suit Measurements


Your suit cut according to your body measurement and fit preference. This singular fit is cut according to your size and fit. Made specially for you! 

Fabric Collection


As with our ready-to-wear collection, we offer both Australian merino wools as well as select Italian wools curated from our partner mills.

Custom Tailor-Made Suit


Every last detail is taken into careful consideration. You get to choose between multiple option on all details/aesthetics of your garment. Nothing too little! 


Fully Handmade

In a world of customization, your suit and or jacket should also be made to your body measurements. Our select books feature worsted (Australian) merino wools and cashmere/wool blends from some of the finest mills.

We work with clients one-on-one as we guide you through the entire process of customizing your garment – which makes the process easy.  

Simply use our online booking system to schedule your appointment at our flagship.






The secret of a good shirt tailor is his or her ability to accentuate the body’s good points and hide its flaws, creating a balanced and elegant image at the same time. The overall combination of shirt design, fabric, stitches and buttons is very important in order to match the body type.


League of rebels ~ BESPOKE

We have matured and refined shirt production to such an extent that we can offer first-class quality and level of service in our flagship established in the heart of downtown Austin.

Each client will be provided with sufficient time for an individual appointment. Online booking or phone call in advance is advised, in order to make sure that your visit is private and comfortable, and complies with all your expectations.