Private Client


Our membership required private client service gives you a whole new insight into the luxury world of League of Rebels.

From planning your next vacation by booking the best ‘off the beaten path’ spots for you, to local speakeasy access and your personal Scotch (or Bourbon) bottle in the sitting room @415. You will be sure to experience a personalized service unmatched.

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Experience the complete lifestyle!



Looking to kick back in a private setting outside of the traditional commercial bars and lounges?

As a private client, you have access to reserve our sitting room and billiards table during working ours. Your membership also entitles you to your private bottle at our Scotch bar. Your first bottle is on the house!



Get access to VIP perks outside of the flagship, ranging from private parties and VIP tickets to Austin and Houston fashion weeks, amongst other events and access some of Austin’s best speakeasy’s on our corporate membership pass.