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The fine, elegant strokes that define your path to the top; the top being wherever you want to be today.
The steps, the opportunity, the challenge. The subtle dance between you and the world...




League of Rebels bespoke tailoring



League of Rebels has curated a bespoke tailoring experience that is one of kind. Our aim is to earn a relationship of trust that may last decades. Upon your initial introduction, you will be matched with your Bespoke Client Manager who will be your liaison throughout the entire bespoke tailoring experience. Below is what you can expect when you entrust League of Rebels with your engagement with us:


  1. In your initial consultation, your Client Manager will guide the house Master Tailor to take the exact measurements of your entire body and discuss which style of fit you would like. 
  2. The Client Manager will coordinate a first fitting of your new order as an unfinished garment at your convenience with our Master Tailor.
  3. You will continue to work with your Client Manager to coordinate as many fittings as necessary to ensure your Master Tailor can customize the finest fit for your personal style and comfort.
  4. Once the fit is confirmed, the Client Manager will make any final adjustments necessary to your pattern and order. This is where the buttonholes and final press of your handcrafted garment will be defined in the silhouette of your body as a semi-finished garment.
  5. On the day of your final fitting, you will try on your final garment and will then take your beautiful, sartorial piece home.


*The Bespoke service allows a client as many fittings they deem necessary.



In our initial appointment, your Client Manager will spend as much time with you as desire to consult with you on the League of Rebels bespoke tailoring services. We’ve also provided a few answers below to commonly asked questions for first time clients.

+ How many fittings are available in a bespoke tailoring service?

- Your Client Manager will coordinate as many fittings as necessary to ensure you get the ideal style and fit for your garment.

+ What aspects of a garment can be customized in a bespoke tailoring service?

- In a bespoke tailoring service, you have the ultimate freedom of personal choice to textile type, color, pattern, style for your garment of choice. 








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